Export of the waste

ООО «SOUTH CITY» in the market of public services since 2003, implementing the exportation and disposal of waste throughout the Southern Federal District.

Waste removal services:

Collection and transportation of industrial wastes

вывоз отходовit is important for Industrial enterprises to comply with sanitary and epidemiological rules and timely clean the territory, in the course of its activities

Our company will perform this work in a strictly specified time , efficiently and at an affordable price.

Collection and transportation of solid and liquid wastes

Вывоз отходов We are engaged in garbage disposal in Rostov, Aksay, Novocherkassk, Taganrog, Krasnodar, rep. Adygea

Together with the customer we develop the most convenient scheme and schedule of garbage collection, and also select the form of containers and their most convenient location, equip container platforms and provide containers of the desired volume for rent.

We adhere to the citywide rates , discounts for regular customers. We work seven days a week. Can quickly take out the trash .

Also, contacting us, you will get full range of services of pumping out and export of liquid domestic waste.

Collection and transportation of hazardous waste

опасные отходы Export of hazardous wastes any volume, dimensions, aggregate states to places of of their neutralization in Rostov-on-Don, Aksay, Novocherkassk, Taganrog, Krasnodar and rep. Adygea.