Site improvement

We provide a full complex of works on an accomplishment of territories:

Pre-project works: topographical survey of the site, marking elevation contours of buildings, stands.

  • Design works:
    • The General plan (in full or in separate sections);
    • Dendroplan with assortment statement;
    • Vertical planning;
    • Master plan networks;
    • Layout drawings;
    • Planting drawing;
    • The scheme of movement.
  • Surveying and marking works at the site.
  • Piling sidewalk tile and road stone.
  • Bridge garden and Park paths, figured paving elements of various shapes and colors.
  • Installation of fences, decorative fences, flower girls, vases, and benches and other small architectural forms.
  • The device of lawns, landing trees and bushes.
  • Drainage.
  • Landscape design.
  • The saw cut, trim, conversion of trees, etc.

Our company performs works in optimal time and with quality, relevant Snips and GOSTs, using eco-friendly certified materials.
All warranty work.

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We will make for you:

Provide the landscaping of the territory to Us!