The equipment of children's playgrounds

LLC «SOUTH CITY» cares not only about the purity of our city but also about its inhabitants, especially about children. We produce all the necessary for the improvement of children's and sports grounds, stadiums, parks and yards. The quality of our products guarantees the safety of your children.

Our products are made of strong and durable materials that can withstand various weather conditions. We can offer You the playgrounds of the original design, made of different materials, as well as many design options playgrounds using various shapes and designs. Everything will depend on your budget and preferences. You will be able to equip a sport or entertaining type for children or a mini-amusement Park, exciting children's town or the cosy benches and pavilions - all depends on your imagination and opportunities!

Rocking on a spring

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Rocking-balancers and a carousel

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Sandbox and sandy yards

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Game form

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Sport complexes and equipment

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Yard and Park equipment

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