Garbage containers

Our company's specialists are developing and apply modern technological methods of collection and transport of waste that meet international standards. Optimization of production processes and the use of domestic and foreign equipment help to reduce their costs while maintaining high quality of work. This allows us to offer to each of our customer is an individual decision of any problems and the best choice of products under its needs.

Containers with the volume of 0,7 m³ - 1,1 m³;

We offer plastic and metal mobile sealable containers of the European standard for solid waste collection.

Ideal for cottage villages, HBC, legal entities and private households.

Containers with a volume of 80 l 120 l, 240 HP

The installation of these containers is convenient for companies with a small amount of waste accumulation.

Such containers are designed for installation on the sites of small shops, offices, enterprises of consumer services, and will look good on Your suburban areas and in private households.

Containers for construction and bulky waste.

Installation of the container capacity of 5 m3, 7 m3, 10 m3, 18 m3, 27 m3 with a minimum height download 1.1 meters from the surface of the ground.

The advantage of this service:

  • the opportunity of use of the container for loading construction and bulky waste for several days;
  • removal of construction and bulky waste vehicles from the territory of the customer.

This option is available to companies with large volumes of monoronadona, namely Hyper-and supermarkets, big shopping malls, markets, building organizations, HBC and many others...