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Mission and strategy

We work in a sphere of utilization of any types of waste. In everyday understanding - word "waste" taken to mean, usually garbage. But this does not mean that we have to deal only with garbage. In fact - we work with people, and our main task - to make life comfortable, and business - environmentally friendly. We want our children to be healthy, and the native city - clean!

The interests of our customers for us - the most important thing. We tried to be as close to you and quickly as possible and respond to all your wishes. We - for the personal communication at any level, from the head of company to line staff. We reveal the needs of the partner (client), and only after - doing an exclusive offer to each of our clients, whether it is the owner of a small cottage, aspiring live aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, or the head of Housing department, a representative of the municipal administration of the object.

Our company is open to partnership building with all those who help achieve target our company - employees, customers, suppliers, governments, investors, shareholders and partners. We respect the individuality of each person.

Our goal is to work so that, customers receives positive emotions. We offer simple, rational and reasonable solutions in services. We offer the best financial decisions for you and help you save!

We work under the motto:


Our values:

· Responsibility;

· Quality and convenience;

· Innovations;

· Openness;

· Flexibility;


Incentives and conditions. We create the conditions for our staff to work more efficiently and deal with complex tasks of clients.


We appreciate the unconventional approach and the new trends. We are first who knows about new trends in our segment and expeditiously implement them in our services! Our customers deserve to receive the latest and efficient service!


One for all - all for one. For the employee of "Southern City" phrases "It's not my problem" or "It is not my duty" does not exist. We are the team, which cohesively decisive tasks assigned to us by customers.


Mutual aid. We are constantly learning from our successes as well as mistakes. Mutual aid - our lifestyle. We work for those who surrounds us.


We are patriots of Russia. Our contribution to the prosperity of the city we see as the highest form of evaluation of the effectiveness of our work. We do the work better and cheaper than our competitors.

We are ready to reduce the level of costs, regardless of the estimated cost budget. The project's success is not measured by the amount of money spent on it. If as a result of communication with us, you spent less than planned - can be proud of yourself.